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5 Perfect Ways to Conquer Anxiety

by | Sep 22, 2019 | Energy Healing, Energy Transmissions, Transformation

5 Captivating Offers of Love to Explore

#1. Connect with like-minded people who have a desire to be their best and help others do the same.

Uncover the Cloak and Dagger Epic Life Secrets

This is life uncensored material.

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#2. Take a leap of faith; you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Multi-Dimensional Minute Sessions

This is an excellent opportunity to get clarity on what is crazy in your life and understand why it might be making you sick and tired. Julia dives into multi-dimensional levels to gathering all the pieces together.


I have had the pleasure of meeting Julia Stubbe and getting to know her early this year. I have had several healers prior to Julia. I can truly say Julia offers something no one else I have seen before has. She connects to ancient beings and with their help and assistance provides truly unique out of this world healing experiences. Each session I have had with Julia builds on the prior one allowing more and deeper healing to occur. Lifelong traumas have been resolved and put out of my mind. I highly recommend Julia as a healer. But be forewarned you will not be the same after seeing her so make sure you are ready for deep cleansing and healing to occur.settings.

Laura R.


#3. Be creative: let go of fear of mistakes. Shameless fun is good for the soul.

Skyrocket Your Soul

Picture yourself in a blissful bath of creativity where your forgotten inner child can come out and play.

Choose one or all Chakra Art Therapy workshops and phenomenal Sacred Shamanic Retreats to help fulfill never seen before personal strengths about yourself. Journey to connect mind-body-spirit and unleash your powers.

These are GOLDEN opportunities to gather with like-minded people so bring friends or come meet new people. Unexpected fun is served up at Julia’s risk-free gatherings.

For more information on “Gatherings” dates…

#4. Unleash the power of your voice. Get more leads for your business. Help others along the way.

5 Perfect Ways to Conquer Anxiety Energy Healing, Energy Transmissions, Transformation

INVITATION to GUEST MEDITATOR on "A Call to Heal" Radio Show

? Are you an amazing Leader in the Metaphysical and
Wellness Community? ?

We are offering you a great opportunity
to introduce who you are to our massive listeners by facilitating a guided meditation and then speaking about yourself and the remarkable work you do.

Contact Julia to get on the schedule; the show is live on Monday nights at 7:00 pm.

#5. Get in bed with Einstein: Everything is Energy. 

5 Perfect Ways to Conquer Anxiety Energy Healing, Energy Transmissions, Transformation

This Month's Alluring Featured Art Work

Julia creates beguiling artistic paintings and jewelry known as frequency paintings and pendants. The Frequency of Joy is represented in the Joy Frequency Meditation Artwork collection. To learn more about this heavenly subject matter follow the link below.

Sharing is caring – you are an integral part in the process of lifting up humanity. Thank you for letting your family and friends learn what Julia Stubbe provides in service for personal and group transformation programs, and personal multi-dimensional transformation sessions with option to enhance sessions.

Social media shares are greatly appreciated.  

Support for Julia Stubbe’s Healing Journey

I just wanted to express my gratitude for the love and support the community has blessed me with. I have mostly held personal challenges close to the chest, handling on my own. Guided to allow others to step up and help me is a huge lesson for me. The outreach of kind words and wishes, donations and others support has humbled me as well as touched my heart in ways that are not easily expressed. Will be posting some of my milestones soon. Please continue to share this Go Fund Me, it is greatly appreciated.

Working and playing with your inner child!

The following article was featured in BE’OF Magazine (Page 30)Working and playing with your inner child! Inner child work, also described as inner child healing, is a way to address our needs that haven't been met as children and heal the attachment wounds we've...

Poetry in Life

This is a poem I received as a gift. The author, Amy, was inspired through focusing her energy on hearing, writing, and sharing her messages in poetry. How cools it that! The reason I am sharing this poem "Julia" with all of you is it brought me to tears with deep...

What is the Rainbow Body?

The Rainbow Body is our multi-dimensional energetic body. As light, the holographic layers of the rainbow body appear in the colors of the rainbow - chakra colors. Our mission is to develop a vehicle, the rainbow body, capable of embodying the fifth dimension in human...

Channeled Messages

So for the past several nights MeYe85 Group has been waking me at 2:30 am, telling me to get my pad and pen. I have no choice but to listen, they will not be silent till I fulfill my task. The Task: Provide written channeled messages to the masses. Today they told me...

A New Reality is Upon Us

In order for Great Change, we need to start anew. In order to start anew we need to let go of the old. In order to let go of the old, the old must be dismantled. This is happening NOW, it is the time of Great Awakening. This is a huge change to our foundation, our...

Energy Transmission December 2018

The cleansing of one’s mind, body and soul can be easily achieved if the correct steps are taken. With the proper spiritual counselor to guide you on your journey, you have nothing but positive possibilities to look forward to in your future. As a spiritual counselor...

Higher Self – I AM Presence – Soul

Your Higher Self is the you that is unlimited and eternal.  A mediator is the portion of self that can translate from the I AM Presence to the imperfect soul. An eternal, unlimited power, the God/Goddess conscious and intelligent being who is one’s real self.  The...

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