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Frequency Paintings/Pendants represent the energetic, vibrational frequency of the specific subject matter. To understand more about how this form of artwork functions, it is important to understand the meaning of the word “vibration”. Everything in the universe is made of energy that vibrates, and everything that vibrates imparts or impacts information. The frequency and scale of energy is what determines how that energy will express itself. We call this a “vibration”. Normally, only information that has expressed itself at or slower than the speed of light is received by our physical senses in our three dimensional reality. However due to her extrasensory abilities, Julia is able to perceive and channel information beyond the ordinary physical senses and create artwork that simulates the vibrational level of a subject. By focusing on these paintings/pendants and having them in your space, they will cause your energy to harmonize with and resonate at the same frequency and measure of the vibration that they are created to transmit.  And in turn, aid you to amplify and manifest the presence of the subject matter in your life.

This Month’s Feature Artwork

Frequency Painting & Pendant 

Channeled Art
Channeled Art

Frequency of Joy – Pendant

The Joy Frequency Meditation Artwork

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