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Julia is a beautiful person and a wonderful healer! She is a natural at facilitating a safe environment for healing to occur. She is passionate about her gift and I can tell it brings her joy to share it with others!
Amy B.

“Thank you Julia, for your guidance in my journey to “Be who you are.”!

Julia encourages me to step out of my comfort zone. Her galactic connections and communications create a unique way of healing that can only expand your consciousness!”

Sincerely and from the heart…

Nancy – PA

I have been blown away by Julia’s healing abilities from the very moment we met over 5 years ago. I have been Blessed over the years to have experienced many many times the different modalities she uses to assist you with your healing.

She is extremely gifted and I look forward to my next healing session.
Theresa – Pennsylvania

I have had the pleasure of meeting Julia Stubbe and getting to know her early this year. I have had several healers prior to Julia. I can truly say Julia offers something no one else I have seen before has. She connects to ancient beings and with their help and assistance provides truly unique out of this world healing experiences. Each session I have had with Julia builds on the prior one allowing more and deeper healing to occur. Lifelong traumas have been resolved and put out of my mind. I highly recommend Julia as a healer. But be forewarned you will not be the same after seeing her so make sure you are ready for deep cleansing and healing to occur.

Laura R. – Florida

Julia has the amazing ability to channel profound healings, I could feel my body vibrating just laying on the table. Once she began, the amount of energy coming through was intense yet easy. I highly recommend a session with Julia for healing, releasing, or just to relax. I am so grateful to have met her and I look forward to my next session.
Nikole – PA

I had the privileged of spending a week with Julia on a Spiritual Retreat in Edisto, SC 2018. Julia, you are tremendously kind. I am like you in which crowds are tough for me and once I learned that about you, it helped me. When we shared and opened up at the kitchen table, your story touched me to tears. I feel close to you, bonded in spirit, it was meant to be.

Your teachings has empowered me to reverse my past to heal it immediately. You have changed my life that week, taught me to be easy on myself implementing simple healthy changes. Your kind, funny, important to the group…(who else would keep us on time), and simply a beautiful person to be with to trust my inner most self. I thank you and honor you for that. I see into your soul. Truly a blessing. I look forward to seeing you again. Please let me know when you’re in PA, I would love to get together.

Jill, PA

From the moment we gathered for my session, Julia made me feel comfortable and at ease. Her calm yet playful nature is appealing to me. Together we cleared ancestral blocks and went on to upgrade my dna. wow! I left the session feeling a distinct positive shift within. I would recommend Julia and her amazing gifts of healing for your spiritual journey.

My love and gratitude to you, Julia!

I have known Julia for many years. I am a massage therapist at a wellness center where Julia frequents. She’s been teaching classes there. I took her Integrated Energy Therapy beginner and intermediate classes. I will be taking the advanced class also. As soon as I took IET I became much more sensitive to my clients energy. Julia also activated my cranial temple. As soon as that was done I felt a shift inside of me to a more peaceful state. Physically, I have felt great since having that done. As soon as you meet Julia you will know you have met a soul who will help your soul on its rightful journey.

Sincerely, Tammy

Every time I receive a connection with the spirit and angelic realms through Julia’s facilitation, I get incredible peace. Thank you, Julia, for sharing your gift with us.
Maren M.

I have had several healings with Julia and had never felt more grounded upon completion. I have struggled with energy and reconnecting with my higher being since 2016, when a motor vehicle accident rendered me disabled. She was intuitive of my pain and discouragement and allowed me to cleanse that fear of not feeling I was enough. My last experience was the most impactful.  She facilitated clearing the blockages of all my chakras that seemed to have shut down! She is truly a special soul and for that, I am blessed to be a part of her world!!
Jen B.

I much appreciate Julia’s strong intuitive practice. During our sessions and the discussions we had afterwards, my own knowledge and intuition was heightened. Julia has a keen sense of connections in the body and a vast knowledge of energies and their intricate workings. I am so grateful for her expertise and sad to see her move out the area! Much love!
Renee – Pennsylvania

Julia has a clear and direct insight into the human condition. Her knowing and compassionate insight can reset your internal compass to a path of uncomplicated transformation.
Patricia S.

I have been customer, supporter, and friend to Julia and her company Wellness Treasures since its inception. Over the years, no matter what healing modality was being used by Julia, I always had a positive health outcome. Julia’s energy is positive and unique. She brings a warmth and calmness to the body, mind, and spirit during her energy sessions. It is my belief that it has been more her energy than anything else that has provided me with the ability to manifest relief of pain and increased well being over the years.
Julia B. – Teacher from Pennsylvania

Magical Conversation – A Beautiful Testimonial with Anna Dobreva

Recorded December 7, 2020 

Learn more about Anna’s experiences and get to know many ways Julia can assist you on your journey. See Anna’s video testimonial above.

Video excerpt:
Click here to listen to the conversation in its entirety.

(Julia) you come from a genuine place and have beautiful energy and a beautiful heart. When we met I felt an instant connection with you. You totally transformed my life in many different areas.

You helped me break through barriers where I felt I could not be authentic 100% at work with my spiritual skills and experiences. You helped me break through that barrier and I have been working on this for over 10 years and it was really hard for me to be fully myself, especially working with corporations and bringing my spirituality into it. You helped me go through a lot of different lifetimes and clear a lot of karma. And of course, everything comes from us but when we have someone like you (Julia) that can help us and guide us through getting there, really getting to the root causes of it and helping release it, it’s real powerful.
Anna Dobreva

Julia is a wonderful healer. She makes you feel very comfortable during the session. I was going through a hard time when I had the session and when I woke up the next morning, I could sense a dramatic shift. I felt lighter and as if I had shifted onto a new timeline. I also had a mini-life review as I was waking up that next morning about a specific aspect of myself, which needed to be observed. When she was doing the DNA healing during the session, I could feel it happening at the molecular level in my body. I really feel that deep issues were transmuted during the session and I would not hesitate to work with her again.

Stephanie – VA

Julia Stubbe, recently guided me through a wonderful experience that allowed me to feel empowered and able to release past trauma and unblock past hurt. She has a truly beautiful energy and a gracious heart, and that shows up in her healings. She was able to pull information from higher mind that shed light on current traumas I have been experiencing, and doing so allowed me to release it. I am truly grateful for her help and highly recommend her services!
– Moira/Arizona

Julia is the most amazing healer, individual, and spirit on this planet!

She is so insightful, perceptive, & talented who clears what pains you.

Along with her endless abilities, Julia has a Heart-of-Gold loaded with love, compassion and generosity!! She moved mountains and wouldn’t stop until I was cleared. I was surprised by her dedication to help me. Julia is truly one of a kind. If you have a problem- take to Julia…someone who can do something for you and make a difference. You too will be blown away!! I am blessed to have found her. Thank you. – Sandy/Kentucky

Julia is one of the most wonderfully caring and selfless people I have ever known. Her gifts and healing abilities are incredibly amazing. Julia has continuously helped heal my aches, pains, and my emotional issues since the day I met her over a year ago. Whenever I feel out of sorts, or have trouble with pain, She is always right there to help me. And it is truly miraculous how immediate I feel relief!

Thank You So Much Julia. I want you to know how absolutely Blessed I feel to have you in my life! You are Such an amazingly Talented Beautiful Woman and I Love You SOOOOO MUCH! Thank You for ALL that You do for Me! I Truly appreciate You and all that You are doing for Everyone! I Love You.
Joann – PA

Dear Julia,

Everything in life happens in divine order and I feel I was referred to you at the perfect time in my life. Your knowledge of healing and your gentle loving touch during the integrated energy therapy sessions have been the perfect solution in my search for healing. Your knowledge, combined with a joyful spirit, quickly developed a bond of trust unlike anyone I have worked with previously. This has allowed me the freedom to quickly relax into the healing energy you provide.

You not only work with healing the energy of the physical body, but you continue to assist and encourage me to heal on an emotional level at the same time. I cherish the amount of time and energy you put into each session.

All of this is done in the spirit of giving the gift of your time, your beautiful healing energy and your knowledge – encouraging me to continue the healing modalities between sessions to sustain the progress already made. This has allowed me the freedom to keep moving forward on my path to better health, to being physically pain free and mentally at peace. I was truly blessed the day I was referred to you.

Namaste, Jan

Her healings are very effective in assisting growth and dealing with the past so one can move forward in life
Aurora C.

Look what’s being said about Sacred Spine Focus Sessions with Julia

“I had the honor of receiving one of Julia’s spine sessions. It was a great experience. Julia was in tune with my energy and used her intuition and channeled knowledge to serve my highest and best interest during the session.

Julia’s voice is so calming and relaxed me completely during the session.

Julia is also a skilled speaker. We have worked together in the past and she was one of my speakers in my Emotional Healathon Summit. Several attendees shared how soothing Julia Stubbe was to them during her talk in the summit.” Kristin F. – FL

“I had a beautiful experience with Julia as we activated 3 key point portals of my spine (out of 33 WOW). It was a flowing experience as we activated these 3 points because Julia sets up the space starting with her wonderful Apple flow that gets your energies ready for the experience that is about to happen. I really enjoyed the healing and learning that these points even exist. There is always something new to experience with Julia. As Julia and her team look for the next thing to offer the collective.” Much Love, Lane – Ohio

“I had the opportunity to work with Julia and to work with the feeling of forgiveness. I wasn’t sure what to expect going into the call, but I was open to receive whatever energy was needed. I had chronic tension in my neck, and following Julia’s work, I could put my chin toward my chest. Something I could not previously do without tension or pain. Even now, six days later and just starting a workout routine, I can bring my chin fully down. During the process, I felt calm and relaxed and lots of tingly energy. It was truly a lovely experience! “
Judy D. – NH

“I’ve suffered from a chronic back pain for several years. I felt called to practice Julia’s clearing and releasing meditation, which works in a cellular and DNA level. After three days I have been feeling less pain and I have also been able to get up more easily.” Dora L.

“I very much enjoyed our session today working on the key points of the spine. There was a lot of density in my higher heart earlier, due to a soulmate contract and my thymus area now feels much lighter. My mind in general is much clearer and I even think my back/spine itself feels more flexible and loose. I look forward to trying the rest of the points! Thank you so much!”    Much love and many blessings, Areya A. – Arkansas

“The session with Julia was so relaxing and powerful! During the experience, I could feel tingling sensations as areas of my body were cleared and opened. The last 2 days have been magical for me, and I would strongly recommend working with her!”
Paula P. – Alabama

Look what’s being said about Relationship Choreography

“Julia is a phenomenal healer and lightworker. My husband and I had a life changing experience working with Julia. In just one session she helped us become even closer to one another, cleared many past traumas and karma, helped us reunite our talents, efforts and mission so we can work as a unit. Now we have even more harmonious, understanding, and loving relationship than ever. We felt the results immediately.

Julia was very detailed, gentle and kind and explained to us the whole process at the beginning of the session. She guided us and answered any questions my husband and I had throughout the whole process. Before she completely united us, she pointed out a few things we both needed to clear from our energy field: traumas, karma and beliefs from this and past lives. She was right on all the issues she addressed. She had a very gentle and yet powerful approach to help us remove all of that. I was able to feel all the anger, betrayal, frustration and beliefs leaving my body. I felt light, joyful, free, and refilled with a lot of unconditional love for myself, my husband and anyone that has hurt me in the past.

The merging process with my husband was beyond magical. I could see and feel our energy fields merging. The entire process was very delightful, fun and transformational on many levels.

We saw results right away. Our main objective was for my husband and I to fully reunite our work, efforts and talents, work together as a union and accomplish our mission. After our session with Julia, in a very natural way, we manifested many work opportunities that brought my husband and I together and reunited us, our efforts and talents. We also had fun along the way. We will continue working with Julia on any other issues that may arise and create even stronger bond, clearer path so we can manifest all our heart desires and dreams. I highly recommend working with Julia.”
Anna S.

Look what’s being said about the Group Transformation and Personal Mentorship Programs

Julia is pure love and light and one of the most beautiful souls I’ve had the privilege of knowing. Her group transformation class was an amazing experience and chalk full of valuable tools to help release old patterns and limitations that hold us back from knowing who we really are. She truly wants us to ride the wave of ascension with grace and ease and meets each one of us right where we are. I am grateful for her expertise, guidance and friendship.

Julia, thanks so much for all you do!
Sandy – Delaware

This beautiful soul practices and lives authenticity with deep compassion for all.

Before I started the transformation group, I had trust issues with certain spiritual mentors, I remember her saying something along these lines, I understand what it is like to feel so different from the world, and I want to help you Integrate your soul into this physical world. And for the first time I felt understood by someone who sees, knows and feels what I do and so much more.

The radio show she hosts is a beautiful example of how she utilizes her natural gifts to help and transform for the greater good into this reality, and I always will support it and spread the magic.
Kaitlyn M.

Julia, I am so grateful for all that you have done for me during this class. You have given me permission to think out of the box, set my own rules and trust. I have also felt empowered and stronger in body and mind.

I did readings for 2 friends this week using the bridge and gate as you suggested. Most of my readings in the past included only about 5 or so minutes of mediumship. However, each reading this week was a full 30 minute session of connecting with past loved ones!  Seriously, I am blown away and so very appreciative!
Much love, Cindy – PA

“I was guided to work with Julia Stubbe. She has been one of my most powerful teachers/mentors I have worked with throughout my years. I was very connected to the galactic realms, but not clear on how to make the
introduction. With the additional training and the skilled guidance I received, together we walked through ancient civilizations, experienced planetary healing, been to star ports below the ocean, in the center of the earth and beyond, and explored portals taking us to the angelic realms.
With her mentorship I have been gifted with keycodes from star nations, blessings and wisdom from the earliest Pleiadian and Sirian beings, and been infused with frequencies that can assist in all areas of life.
This I received from Julia’s mentorship program. I am on my 13th 60 minute personal session with no intention of stopping my training with Julia.
I am filled with gratitude”
Genevieve – HI

Look what’s being said about Gatherings & Light Journeys

Karolee and Julia were our spiritual tour guides to a wondrous universe. Limited only by our trust and imagination, we journeyed as a group to space stations and stars. Our visits colored our memories with unimagined insights into life, terrain, philosophies, natural resources and knowledge of these places most had only known as a printed name. There were moments of fear and awe, curiosity and puzzlement, but I returned feeling more grounded in my physical earth body. Somehow, the vastness and diversity of the universe clarified the present soul’s purpose for this incarnation as a human being on planet earth. Dare to venture into this intergalactic journey with the loving support and guidance Karolee and Julia provide. Anticipate nothing but sheer adventure with an open mind. Who knows what gifts this journey will bring to you!?!

I am left with lyrics playing repeatedly in my mind … an appropriate theme song for the journey I had experienced.  Neil Young and Crazy Horse:  song – Milky Way.  “As the stars flew by I did collide with memory but somehow I survived and became free.”
Patricia S. – Penna

The Light Journey Workshop was literally out of this World. We travelled to many star systems and I made a special connection with my future self aspect on Vega. Ever since I’ve been journeying to her on my own to receive additional healing and activations. The workshop was a truly transformative and enabling experience and the support I received from the workshop facilitators and the many star beings we encountered gave me the courage to work on deep emotional and energetic issues with confidence.

The Workshop connected me with my future aspect and enabled me to receive additional activations on top those we got from the star beings as a group.

Lots of Love
Lumi – Finland

I truly enjoyed the Interdimensional Light Journey Class. Julia and Karolee are very intuitive, open-hearted, gifted and amazing guides for our fascinating journeys. They work together so well and guided us through the entire process. They gave us instructions on how to properly ground, clear our filed, connect to source and our guide, and build our merkaba body for smooth, easy and safe travels. I had lots of fun traveling, meeting so many amazing beings, exploring different planets and galactics, having fun and joyful experiences. I’ve received lots of wisdom, healing, gifts and insights from many beings from different planets during all the journeys we did together. I was able to connect to so many galactic nations and enhance my abilities and connection to source. I feel that my awareness has increased to 1000% and now I am surrounded by many more beings of light, protectors and helpers than ever before. These are some of the most unforgettable moments in my life that are very hard to describe with words. It’s pure magic! I highly recommend this class. It’s an honor and pleasure to know and be guided by Julia and Karolee on such profound and transformational journeys.
Anna D. – Chicago

Our Interdimensional Light Journey sessions were amazing!

Karolee and Julia guided us from planet to planet, reconnecting us with family and loved ones and introducing us to genuine and loving being! The sights and sounds were incredible!

Their guidance and teachings will stay with me always! 
Bonny T.

In the beginning it was difficult for me because I believe I just took everything so literally and then as the time went on and speaking with the group along with Julia and Karolee we realized that I needed to let go of being step-by-step and just let it flow.

I don’t seem to be able to remember the Journeys and the experiences but I know the feeling that I get and the energy afterwards are exhilarating and sometimes overwhelming.  It is hard to explain these journeys but it’s just something that you just need to experience. You may not remember the journeys but you do know that you experienced something because you feel a difference.
Lisa C

I have had the wonderful pleasure of taking this class with Julia and Karolee. As someone who seems to stay in her head for journeys, I was not sure I would relax enough to surrender to the experience. To my surprise, that was never a problem. Karolee and Julia are the most gifted guides, and they created such a sacred container for us. It was beyond powerful! The energy of the entire group was also upleveling. I have been experiencing so many activations as a result of the journeys. My heart is so full of love. I cannot recommend this class enough, especially in these challenging times. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!!

In this summer, when vacations were not an option, Karolee and Julia took us on a trip to the Galaxies, without leaving home! My guide on our last journey to Regulus, the lion planet, gave me this opening line for the testimony.  On the light journeys I felt very safe and supported during the six-week series of guided meditations. It was a fascinating experience just to meet the many aspects of our multidimensional selves. It was not always pretty. Sometimes we met shadows and fears along the way, as well as receiving gifts from our star family that were perfect for what we need during the ascension process. I looked forward to Thursdays for the past six weeks! If you are looking for guidance during your ascension journey, check out the light journey series when it is offered again. Come with curiosity, an open mind and don’t forget to bring your imagination!
🙂 Nancy C. – Penna

The Light Journey class enable me to reignite my imagination that had been inactive and stifled for way too long.  It was nice uniting and joining my energy with other like-mind travelers.  I definitely recommend this class as an experience to those who desire to participate in activities “outside the box”.

For me, the Interdimensional Light Journeys are illuminating and restorative. Karolee and Julia lead journeys similar to my Earthly Shamanic Journeys, but waaaay out further in many ways. At each Star Home, benevolent, aware, high-energy beings welcome us; all of them supportive of our efforts on Earth — because they have been through similar evolutionary struggles on their own planet.

I like the “free time” to explore myriad healing venues, and find incredible clearing, cleansing, and restorative practices that leave me recharged. Some healing treatments are so perfectly aligned that I experience visceral and mind-opening revelations.

The “gift bags” we’re given contain useful, powerful talismans and energies for me to use on Earth. We all share times of joyous vibration exchange, humor, and celebrating of our blessed, boundless, benevolent connections. I come away drained, but enlightened and exhilarated.

I heartily recommend Karolee and Julia’s Interdimensional Light Journeys.

Thank you Karolee for encouraging me to participate in the Interdimensional Light Journey Workshop.  I had no clue what it was, but knew from working with you on a transformational session that there is more to life than I was currently experiencing and that there are alternative healing methods of which I was unaware.  You and Julia are very welcoming and made me feel comfortable with this new experience.  My favorite part is that I learned to be still and activate my light body, letting it take me away to different places.  The two experiences which really stand out for me were on Lyra and Venus.  On Lyra I felt that I was visiting my original “home”, and on Venus I received the most awesome healing for my heart.  I love that we received recordings so that we can continue to explore these places on our own.  I’m going to continue practicing the spiritual techniques you taught us and can’t wait for your next offering of these sessions.

Thank you for sharing this with us.

The past 6 weeks have been life changing… more awareness then ever before, healing on all levels physical, mental, emotional, energetically, & spiritual, loving myself in new ways & shining brighter then ever before, living more in my heart ( fully heart open ), feeling more connected & oneness, blockages of fear & worry have been lifted away, & so much more.

Each planet, star, moon, & more we all have traveled to has been a beautiful & magical adventure, lovely, powerful, freeing, & healing experience!

The beings we have met, the things I’ve seen, heard, & felt, the activations, the downloads, the gifts we were given, the celebrations, the fun & play, & so much more has helped me along my journey.

Holding true of who I am & what I am doing here & how to be more of service to the universe and to our planet, it is a blessing & I am so grateful & thankful for it all!!

I am looking forward & excited to the next time we get to do this in a group, but I am going to be & excited to be traveling a lot more now on my own w/ my traveler companion. I can really write a whole book about the experiences I’ve had & may do so.

I highly recommend this Light Journey to everyone & anyone that would love to connect back to source.

~ Live Laugh Love

~ Love Smile Peace

Love & Light,
Stephanie -Penna

Look what’s said about A Call to Heal 

I called this past Monday. I was a little skeptical but open to the idea. I have worked with other healers and I have never experienced something like this. I could actually feel the energy shift as we talked live on the radio. The issues I work towards healing are my insecurities and trust. Since the healing I have noticed a sense of relief . I thanks both of these women for helping me move forward and shedding this baggage that held me back. Definitely a great experience and i recommend working with them.

Julia and Karolee are powerful healers. I’ve called into the show several times and always had a profound healing. Afterward I feel lighter, happier, and more myself. They know just what I need to let go of or integrate more of into my life. I highly recommend calling in to the show. You’ll learn how to heal yourself, manifest, and generally live a more authentic life.
James A.

Karolee and Julia,

I can’t Thank the both of you enough for my healing tonight. As you were doing the healing I had the chills going through me. I have been dealing with my skin issue now for about six years and I am so over it! Thank you for shedding light on it and telling me what is going on. I can’t wait to try my exercises that you had given to me. I will check back in and let you know how it is going. Thanks again, it was Awesome!!
Elaine R.

I have commented once before to review my healing session I received in the show, but today I wanted to illuminate how powerful, helpful and energetically moving it is to experience the recordings of the show. I often feel “stuck” and ungrounded from my surroundings, leaving me to question what to do next. Each time I feel like this, I end up listening to one of the pre-recorded shows. It is as powerful, if not more so, participating in the guided imagery and hearing Julia and Karolee’s weekly guidance at the start of each show as well as the healing of other listeners. It sets me back into alignment with myself, my true self, helping me to find the strength again to move forward. By connecting to the shows that have been recorded, I am also reviving the powerful healing energies of other. I never feel alone when i have A Call to Heal to listen to. Thank you for always facilitating helpings and guided imageries, we really do all connect in ways that is not limited by time. Many blessings to all who listen and allow people like me to be a part of the healing – and to you both, Julia and Karolee, for opening up such a sacred space for all of us to connect to.

Thank you so very much Karolee and Julia for your knowledge, gifts, kindness and compassion. Truly current leaders in changing times. I called in on Monday with really not wanting to talk about the “why am I so angry at my mom thing” but knew I could not realize a solution on my own. I actually felt childish about the whole topic. Hence, the compassion part of you both of you continuously softens my heart. As an empath, lightworker and healer myself, I sometimes struggle with identifying the root cause of what needs to be released. Thank you for helping me clear the stagnant energy that no longer serves me or the collective whole, and gently and lovingly helping me to bring in the freedom I feel after a healing with you both. We are so blessed to have you on this planet assisting humanity globally transition into a higher state of consciousness. I enjoy the laughter with you both after the crying. Another layer of crap released!  Thank u both. I sit in my heart space with such gratitude.
Jill S.