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A New Reality is Upon Us

by | Apr 3, 2020 | Channeled Messages

In order for Great Change, we need to start anew. In order to start anew we need to let go of the old. In order to let go of the old, the old must be dismantled. This is happening NOW, it is the time of Great Awakening. This is a huge change to our foundation, our root. It is understandable if fear shows up, our ego is hanging on to the old, it has no idea what the new looks like. We have been living under the illusion of freedom, when in fact we have been imprisoned and brainwashed into compliant enslavement by the Darkness for hundreds and hundreds of years.

This old programming is embedded deeper in some than others, for those who have awoken and have begun to clear the old programming it is important for us to go within, continue to clear and hold space of love and compassion for all the beings of this planet, including ourselves and especially for those who are just in the beginning of their Unfoldment. The reality of the world is about to change drastically. It is not the time to force our truth upon others, it is our time to hold space for them without judgment and be available for them with open heart. When the Light wins and the Illusionment is dismantled, foundations will be uprooted, some more than others. Many will be more open to listen and in need of our support ? that is when we will be able share our experiences more openly, we are all One.

How will you handle your Divine Freedom? Watch your thoughts, choose Love let go of fear. Choose Compassion let go of judgement. Choose Peace let go of anger. Your thoughts attract your reality, what are you creating during this Great Awakening?

Much Love to All

Julia and the MeYe85 Group

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Message channeled from MeYe85Group April 02, 2020



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