Rejuvenate Your Life

High-Energy Sessions with Lightkeeper and Wayshower Julia Stubbe.

Gatherings will connect you to other people who welcome you with open arms and accept you just as you are. When two of more come together the energy builds exponentially and amazing things happen with health, wealth and freedom.

Crystal Journey Energy Healing with Julia Stubbe

Free Intuitive Channeled Livestream Healing Session

Join Julia Stubbe the 12th of each month either on her Facebook pages or her YouTube channel to participate.

12 pm PST / 3 pm EST / 8 pm GMT

LIVE 45 minute Livestream

This is a monthly healing event that will take place the 12th of every month.
You will be able to access through both Julia Stubbe and Julia Stubbe The Galactic Channel Facebook pages. The live presentation will also be available on YouTube.
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Past Gatherings

Crystal Journey Energy Healing with Julia Stubbe

Inner Peace Meditation Free Event

This meditation is a collaboration, featuring hosts Peter van Twuyver and Julia Stubbe

 Thursday, May 5, 2022

7:00 pm Eastern

LIVE 60 minute Zoom

Learn how to: calm yourself to begin to feel Inner Peace; set up a Sacred Space with Divine Masculine energies; set up a golden triangle, connecting the heart with the first and second brains; receive sacred codes into the spine to alter your DNA; clear resistance, blockages, cords, contracts and that impede healing and block Inner Peace; and more!

There is no cost for this event however you need to register to attend.

Registration Closed

Crystal Journey Energy Healing with Julia Stubbe

Monthly Nano Technology Clearings with Julia Stubbe

This is a monthly event that meets the last Sunday of each month.

Sessions – LIVE 30 minute Zoom

The Investment:  Julia was guided to provide this service and allow participants to decide the value of the benefit to them. In the registration form you determine the investment and choose what to provide to Julia for her services.

Crystal Journey Energy Healing with Julia Stubbe

 Detaching the Fear Matrix

Through main stream and social media, we are embedded with malicious programming throughout our physical and subtle bodies. By accessing the mainframe of the Reptilian and other non-benevolent beings, we can disconnect and delete any programs that are feeding the Fear Matrices. In disconnecting the fear matrix through all the 5G satellite computers we will have more access to our Divine Blueprint and the coding it provides. (Includes MP3 audio recording of process.)

Zoom Event – Saturday, Jan 15, 2022 at 1:00 pm EST /10:00 am PST/6:00 pm GMT  (Time Zone Converter) 

Registration Closed