Focus Sessions

 Concentrated Healing Experiences

Join Julia as she creates a safe container for you to explore multiple energy healing processes that will assist you on your journey to wholeness. 

Julia’s work is known internationally and she has multiple ways to assist and empower you on your journey of unfoldment and enlightenment. These powerful Focus Sessions give you the opportunity to go more in depth with one specific intent and purpose. Giving you a chance to choose among six 20-minute powerful and concentrated processes that allow you to go really deep to create magical and profound shifts in your reality.

Focusing on your selected healing/clearing process, these are 20 minute phone sessions from the comfort of your own home (with you in a comfortable position with headphones or earbuds).

Audio Recording: You will receive an MP3 file via email. Replaying the recording over time is a powerful way to integrate the information and to allow the energy to keep working for you.

These Focus Sessions are 20 minutes in length at an investment of $67 each.

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Sacred Spinal Clearings and Activations

The spine is the central point for connecting our physical and spiritual energy bodies. There are many benefits to having a Sacred Spine Clearing and Activation.

There are 33 key points/portals through out the Sacred Spine, which include the Sacrum and Coccyx.  These portals are the gateways to energies such as enjoyment, manifestation, abundance and many others.

Through this 20 minute process we work with the three of the key points/portals of the Sacred Spine.

“I had the opportunity to work with Julia and to work with the feeling of forgiveness. I wasn’t sure what to expect going into the call, but I was open to receive whatever energy was needed. I had chronic tension in my neck, and following Julia’s work, I could put my chin toward my chest. Something I could not previously do without tension or pain. Even now, six days later and just starting a workout routine, I can bring my chin fully down. During the process, I felt calm and relaxed and lots of tingly energy. It was truly a lovely experience!” 

Judy D. – New Hampshire

“I very much enjoyed our session today working on the key points of the spine. There was a lot of density in my higher heart earlier, due to a soulmate contract and my thymus area now feels much lighter. My mind in general is much clearer and I even think my back/spine itself feels more flexible and loose. I look forward to trying the rest of the points! Thank you so much!”  Areya A. – Arkansas

These Focus Sessions are 20 minutes in length at an investment of $67 each.

Relationships Therapy, Team Building, Couple Therapy, Family Dynamics, Energy Healing

Clearing Archaic Beliefs and Programs around Money

In this concentrated Focus Session we will be connecting with your Inner Child to clear the imprinted unproductive beliefs instilled in you as a young child. Taking it to even a deeper level. We will travel back through the generations, facilitating a powerful Ancestral healing to assisting in the release the ineffective programs around money and abundance.

After we clear out the “old”, we will then access and bring in more supportive and healthier beliefs, providing you the tools and foundation to create a more productive reality around money.


Entity Clearing Process

 We will be clearing and transmuting the following: 

  1. Entities-unwanted spiritual beings and their influence.
  2. Curses-conscious and unconscious negative thought patterns projected towards you.
  3. Ancestral Curses-negative thought and belief patterns inherited through ancestral lines.
  4. Unwanted Cords and Connections-energy connection and detrimental resonance with people, places, and information fields.


Fractal Retrieval and Cord Cutting

This process is all about relationships and the unhealthy cords that are created, programs, we unknowingly installed by being involved with them. Select that one individual that still drains your energies and hold pieces of you that you would like to have returned.

During this 20 minute Focus Session we will dive in to past lives as well as your current lifetime to release and cut cords and call back the fractals of you in turn sending back the pieces that are not yours, empowering you in your wholeness.  


Healing with the Virtues

During this 20 minute concentrated session you will set your intention, we will then call in the Virtues to assist us. The Virtues are Divine Beings of consciousness emitting positive emotions. In working with these Virtues and the chakra system we can shift and change our reality on a physical, emotional and mental level. By working with the inner and outer wheels of the chakras and invoking the absolute Scalar Waves, ribbons of grace we will tap into the knowledge of the past to create new patterns and codes for our future.

There are hundreds of Virtues for us to explore; Clarity, Harmony, Cleansing, Ease, Wonder, Bliss, Compassion, Receiving, Transformation, Truth, Aptitude, Pleasure, Knowledge are just a few for us to invoke to create magic and change in your life.


Clearing Blocks and Programs around Being Seen/Authentic Self

During this concentrated 20-minute Focus Session we will be exploring past lives though your Akashic records. Discovering and healing the energetic experiences that are restricting you from being seen in your true, authentic self in this lifetime. These energies, among others, might include where you may have been betrayed or even killed for shining your light.

In connecting with your Inner Child, we identify family dynamics or peer involvements that are reinforcing these unsupportive beliefs. This process will allow you to recognize and release these programs and blocks, so that you feel more comfortable in shining your authentic Light in to the world today.

NOTE: Currently, scheduling sessions are booked until Sept 1st, 2024. You may still puchase session, we wanted to inform you that the next available session schedule starts in Sept 2024.

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“Thank you Julia, for your guidance in my journey to “Be who you are.” !  Julia encourages me to step out of my comfort zone. Her galactic connections and communications create a unique way of healing that can only expand your consciousness!” Sincerely and from the heart… Nancy – PA

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Cancellation Policy

We understand that situations change and you may wish to cancel a session after you have purchased it. You must request a refund in writing by email to our customer support contact, they are not automatically generated. We allow one cancellation/refund per customer, as long as the appointment has not been completed. Refunds are not provided for completed Transformation Sessions, Focus Sessions, Relationship Choreography, Galactic Readings, or Personal Transmission sessions under any circumstances.

Refunds are provided in accordance with our stated refund terms and are processed within 3 to 5 business days of your request. The following policies govern refunds by product or service type.

Common sense disclaimer: If you have a medical condition, please seek proper professional medical treatment.