About Light Language

What is Light Language?

One form of Light language is a channeled multidimensional language which brings sound, vibration and energy from the spiritual realm into the physical reality. This way of channeling Light Language can be expressed through the voice via toning, singing, chanting and speaking. It is a form of sound healing that can help us connect with higher realms of consciousness. Light language can also be expressed through hands via automatic writing, expressions of art including drawing and painting as well as channeled via the physical body through movement such as dance and intuitive hand gestures.

Light language is a living breathing entity that interacts with you. It is based on your current frequency and vibration. Each time you listen, you will awaken additional coding of your Divine DNA coding to enable you to heal and expand. These transmissions communicate through the soul. It is not something you have to understand with the 3D human mind, it does not translate into a specific language such as English, it is rather a connection you feel deep within your heart and throughout your body. It brings through powerful vibrations and codes that support us to process shifts in consciousness, release deeply held blockages and bring us in touch with our truths. It is here to awaken and activate keys and codes within our DNA. These powerful transmissions assist in the ascension process to raise the consciousness of humanity.

Julia’s Team: The MeYe85 Group is a team of galactic and multi-dimensional beings that support the ascension process of New Earth and Her Beings. These beings vibrate at the frequency of Divine Love or Higher, ensuring deep heart-centered communications.

Julia Stubbe is an intuitive Galactic Channel for Spirit

“e Contu, oh hey hey” —
“The Enchanted Singer that laughs.”

About Light Language