So for the past several nights MeYe85 Group has been waking me at 2:30 am, telling me to get my pad and pen. I have no choice but to listen, they will not be silent till I fulfill my task.

The Task: Provide written channeled messages to the masses.

Today they told me that I need to provide you with the source of the messages.

The MeYe85 Group is a group of benevolent multi-dimensional and galactic beings. The majority of the galactic beings reside beyond our home, the Milky Way Galaxy. All the Beings in the Group vibrates at the frequency of Divine Love or higher. I have been working with this Group for several years, sharing their Star Language Transmissions via my YouTube channel JULIA STUBBE – THE GALACTIC CHANNEL I am very excited to continue to share the messages in this new format 
The messages in this format are channeled via a combination of clairaudient information and automatic writing.
The MeYe85 Group also informed me today that in addition to posting the messages on Social Media, I have been directed to post the messages on my Blog and record the message and make them available on YouTube.

Sharing a few messages from my MeYe85 Group

The following message was channeled April 1, 2020 

Exposing of the DarknessThe Deep Darkness is being exposed, this Darkness feeds off your fear. Deny them that energy! Choose Love, choose to be in Flow and Trust that you are supported and protected. Know that we are emerging in to a new paradigm, one of Peace, Freedom and Awakening. Be the Light 💙”

The following message was channeled April 2, 2020 

Hold Space for the ChildrenLet us send our Light and Love to all the beings, the children and adults, who are being freed from the darkness. Illuminate the darkness so all the prisoners may be set free allow our Love and Light to slice through the cages, chains and shackles of enslavement, setting one and all Free💜”

Much Love to All

Julia and the MeYe85 Group




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