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Working and playing with your inner child!

Inner child work, also described as inner child healing, is a way to address our needs that haven’t been met as children and heal the attachment wounds we’ve developed. We all have a younger part of ourselves that was never quite accepted or loved the “correct” way or the way they needed to be loved and acknowledged as a child.

Working with our inner child involves creating a sacred space where your subconscious and higher conscious guides you in connecting with you at a younger age.

Our inner child is a representation of ourselves throughout numerous points of our childhood and young adulthood, we have inner children of various ages, even back into the womb. This sacred part of us is very much connected to our natural curiosity, enthusiasm, and creativity we experienced as an actual child. This deep inner work allows us to go within ourselves, to explore our true feelings and parts of us that may have been rejected and identified as “inappropriate” or “too much” by others and even ourselves.

As a child, we are very impressionable, readily absorbing programs and beliefs that our environments and caretakers teach us, as well as how they treat us. Inner child wounds, or attachment wounds, can occur when there is either a traumatic event or chronic rupture without repair. For a child, a rupture or emotional wound without repair can look like crying out for help but being unheard by an emotionally unavailable parent or caretaker. Ruptures also happen in our daily adult lives as well, from a friend not saying hi to us or is late meeting us for lunch or when someone doesn’t appear to appreciate our sediments and our actions. How we internalize or suppress them determines if the experience stays a wound or if it becomes easily processed at that moment.

BEOF Podcast presents Julia Stubbe Working and Playing with Your Inner Child interview with Sharon Gully

How we communicate with our inner child is unique in that the conversation comes from our heart. Through energy and quantum healing we set the intention to speak to our inner child through their language, a language that is emotionally based and embodied from the heart, rather than the words expressed through logical and mental thoughts. We also set the intention to see through either our imagination or the mind’s eye the actual child at a specific age. We create a sacred container to communicate with our inner child, letting them know that they are safe, that they are loved, that they are worthy and so on. We take the time to listen, let them now they are being heard, we take our time and speak through our heart to address their concerns. You may want to give your inner child a gift, something significant, not to worry your heart will lead the way, knowing what to do. Your inner child may want to play with you or participate in some other childlike activity, partake and watch the magic unfold within your inner child as well as yourself. Through harmonics, like the domino effect the healing travels through the ages into the adult you are now.

Why should you embrace and include your inner child on your healing journey? In adulthood, we have a chance to heal our wounded inner child and create the safe, secure inner and outer environments our younger selves always wanted. That’s why inner child healing is so important, the work reminds us that we’re not wrong or bad. We have this opportunity to heal the shame that comes with just having and experiencing our feelings.
By healing our inner child, we begin to create the safety and security our younger selves have always needed. By doing so, the positive traits of our inner child have room to shine. We unlock our natural gifts, our inner curiosity, and our limitless capacity to love.
On the other hand, when we avoid addressing our past hurts and feel alone with them, they transform into behaviors destructive to ourselves and our environment, affecting our relationships, our joy and our physical health.
When we heal the inner child, not only do we heal our current lifetime, we also heal the future generations of our children. We become more whole, we raise our vibration which literally affect one another, which in turn raises the vibration of the planet.

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Julia Stubbe is a gifted energy intuitive, channeler and teacher, specializing in assisting others to wholeness through self-empowerment. Using a holistic approach, she interweaves many healing modalities to find a deeper understanding of physical and emotional dis-ease. By peeling away the layers of surface challenges and blockages, an understanding and realization of issues through this healing enlightenment are exposed, allowing deeper issues to come to light. This approach facilitates healing transformation through hands-on healing and holistic counseling.  For more on what Julia offers please visit

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Julia Stubbe joins MysticMag on Interview

Published October 26, 2022