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About Galactic Transmissions

Enjoy the energies of these transmissions, knowing that a transmission is a living breathing entity that interacts with you based on your current frequency and vibration. Each time you listen will radiate a different frequency just for you.

The MeYe85 is a team of galactic and multi-dimensional beings that support the ascension process of New Earth and Her Beings.


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Transmission 101

by Julia Stubbe | Galactic Channel

Transmission 107

by Julia Stubbe | Galactic Channel

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Get ready! Become a member of a growing community at Julia’s Cafe where galactic messages await you. As you watch, listen, learn and share,  you will garnish understandings that improve discerning the world around you.

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Julia Stubbe is an intuitive Galactic Channel for Spirit

“e Contu, oh hey hey” —
“The Enchanted Singer that laughs.”

Galactic Transmissions

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