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About Galactic Transmissions

Enjoy the energies of these transmissions, knowing that a transmission is a living breathing entity that interacts with you. It is based on your current frequency and vibration. Each time you listen will awaken the coding in your DNA to enable you to heal and expand.

The MeYe85 Group is a team of galactic and multi-dimensional beings that support the ascension process of New Earth and Her Beings. These beings vibrate at the frequency of Divine Love or Higher, ensuring deep heart-centered communications.

Personal Transmission: A uniquely channeled Energy Transmission – Includes MP3 Audio File and Transcript Star Language Translation.

    • Platform: Galactic Transmissions are facilitated over the phone, allowing you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.
    • Audio Recording: You will receive an MP3 file via email. Replaying the recording over time is a powerful way to integrate the information and to allow the energy to keep working for you.
    • Transcript: You will receive a transcript of your transmission written in Star Language via email. Please allow 2 weeks for translation delivery.
    • Clients outside the US: I use the platform which provides international exchanges for your convenience. 
    Personal Galactic Transmission $125.00

    Galactic Transmissions

    Thank you Julia, for your guidance in my journey to “Be who you are.” !  Julia encourages me to step out of my comfort zone. Her galactic connections and communications create a unique way of healing that can only expand your consciousness!” Sincerely and from the heart… Nancy – PA

    Free Transmissions Library

    Audio / Video

    Transmission 101

    by Julia Stubbe | Galactic Channel

    Transmission 107

    by Julia Stubbe | Galactic Channel

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    Members Library

    Get ready! Become a member of a growing community at Julia’s Cafe where galactic messages await you. As you watch, listen, learn and share,  you will garnish understandings that improve discerning the world around you.

    If you want to be notified about when the cafe opens up online,  please contact Julia. Thank you! 

    Cancellation Policy

    We understand that situations change and you may wish to cancel a session after you have purchased it. You must request a refund in writing by email to our customer support contact, they are not automatically generated. We allow one cancellation/refund per customer, as long as the appointment has not been completed. Refunds are not provided for completed Transformation Sessions, Relationship Choreography, Galactic Readings, or Personal Transmission sessions under any circumstances.

    Refunds are provided in accordance with our stated refund terms and are processed within 3 to 5 business days of your request. The following policies govern refunds by product or service type.

    Common sense disclaimer: If you have a medical condition, please seek proper professional medical treatment.

    Julia Stubbe is an intuitive Galactic Channel for Spirit

    “e Contu, oh hey hey” —
    “The Enchanted Singer that laughs.”

    Galactic Transmissions

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