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MysticMag Interviews Julia Stubbe

Oct 26, 2022 | Interviews and Conversations

Julia Stubbe joins MysticMag on Interview

Published October 26, 2022

Connection to the Cosmos with Dr. Lisa Thompson

Julia joins Dr. Lisa Thompson as her guest for an “out of this world” conversation on Connection to the Cosmos. This is an informative and highly entertaining conversation. Published November 18, 2022

Building Resilience Live’s Claire O’Leary with special guest Julia Stubbe

Julia Stubbe is a special guest on Building Resilience Live with Claire O'Leary Published May 13, 2022

The Examined Life with Anthony Spencer and Guest Julia Stubbe

Julia Stubbe joins Anthony Spencer on Interview Series - The Examined Life Published May 13, 2022

Intimate Conversations Mandy Horton and Janine Savient with Julia Stubbe

Please join me as I join Mandy Horton and Janine Savient on Intimate Conversations to share my experience in growing up as an empath. Julia will also facilitate a guided meditation for all our listeners. Published April 16, 2022

Julia’s Presentation “Working and Playing with Your Inner Child” at Humanity Unplugged Conference

You can find Julia's presentation at the 2:16 hour minute mark. Working and playing with your Inner Child is the talking points for this presentation on the Humanity Unplugged Conference. Published March 14, 2022

Julia Joins Debbie McAllister – Light Up Your Worth Network

Stubbe joins Debbie McAllister on the Light Up Your Worth Network. As you look up at the stars at night have you ever wondered who is beyond? How do we communicate with these galactic beings? How can understanding your Starseed journey impact your relationships? This...

Joan of Angels with Julia Stubbe on Break Free from Programming

Julia Stubbe joins Joan of Angels. Break free from the programming and detach from the Fear Matrix with our guest, Julia Stubbe, gifted energy intuitive, channel and teacher, specializing in assisting others to wholeness through self-empowerment. Julia will share with...

Sheila Corona and Julia Stubbe The Galactic Channel

Sheila Corona catches up with her friend Julia Stubbe The Galactic Channel. This was really more of a free for all catch up where we just sorta allowed our Conscious Conversation to flow. Published January 5, 2022

Ralph Slond Empowering Conversation Perspectives and Divine Timing with Julia Stubbe The Galactic Channel

Julia Stubbe connects with Ralph Slond, having an entertaining conversation about different perspectives and Divine timing! This was a lot of FUN and there is some good information to be had. Published December 4, 2021

Steve Weber’s American Gumption Morning Show with guest Julia Stubbe

Julia joins Steve Weber on the American Gumption Morning Show to share her insights on energy healing. Published September 1, 2021

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