Radio Show Guest Meditation Facilitator

We are so glad you are interested in appearing as a meditation facilitator on A Call to Heal Radio Show! We are excited that you want to help us serve our audience.

As part of the Bold Brave Media Internet broadcast family with a global audience surpassing 50 million listeners, our LIVE show airs worldwide on Monday evenings at 7:00 pm Eastern US.   We are also on Tune In radio, Apple ITunes, iHeart Radio, Spotify, Soundcloud and other networks offering a global reach of millions of registered listeners.

We have been recording our show for over 4 years and have over 140 episodes in our archives. We have a steady number of followers listening both to our live and to our recorded programs. This number is growing continually.

Please read the show parameters below then complete the Guest Application. For any questions contact Julia:

Our show consists of four segments.

The first segment of the show is a guided meditation.  You will be participating in the first segment of the show, and we ask that your meditation be 3 to 5 minutes long, with no periods of silence. The shorter it is, the more time you have to talk about what you do. There are 13 minutes in the first segment and the first 3 minutes are used for the show’s opening introductions. You have 8 minutes total for your guided meditation and promotion. The final 2 minutes are for wrap up, and telling listeners how they can reach you.

During the last three segments of the show, listeners call in for a facilitated healing. You do not participate in this portion of the show, but we hope you will stay to listen.

It will probably be very helpful to you to listen to a prior, recorded program to get a sense of the flow of this program. For your convenience please see the three show links at the bottom of the page. We introduce ourselves, then we introduce you, our guest meditation guide, with a description of your gifts and your practice. Next, you present your guided meditation. After that, we ask you to tell our listeners more about yourself, what you do, and any upcoming events, podcasts, book launches, etc. Then we will provide your contact information to listeners.

We request that you provide us with 3 questions for us to ask you about yourself or your work. We will use these questions if there is still time after your promotion.  In addition to the 3 questions, please supply a short bio (2-3 short paragraphs in length), a headshot picture (jpg), and your skype address.

We will provide you with a jpeg file that you can use for promoting the show. In turn for our promoting you, we ask that you market to your clients, through email and your social media, that you will be on the show and encourage them to listen or call in.  After the show airs we will provide a link to the show as well as embedded code, which can be utilized on your website.

It is our time together to spread light upon our planet. We look forward to playing with you and are excited to co-create powerful positive energy with remarkable leaders such as yourself.

Much Love, Light, and Bliss,

Julia and Karolee

Listen to the first two segments of any of the following episodes, so you are prepared for what to can expect as a guest.

Want to thank Karolee and Julia on their amazing gifts that help make the world a brighter place! There dedication to helping others through their show, remotely or in person is a beautiful example that allows others to know that we are not alone. Both their healing abilities are profound and I am blessed to be a part of it. Thank you again for all you do❤


Aug. 1, 2019

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