Wholeness Through Soul Power

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Are you ready to unleash the power of your soul?

We will be running this program again later in the year, [sign up to be notified of new dates] for a five week intensive, Wholeness through Soul Power. Intuitive channels Julia Stubbe and David Holt will empower you to experience your Divine Wholeness! 

Your Authentic Self, Soul, Higher Power however you call it, is perfect and whole right now. To us, wholeness means that you feel the immense Love and Light of your Authentic Self. The wholeness of who you are. And wow, it is a feeling of the most amazing Love, Joy, Aliveness, Peace, Laughter, Fun, Abundance, Freedom and many more positive qualities!

Wholeness in the physical realm means that you have what you need and want in the important areas of your life:

  • Emotional and physical health
  • Abundance/money flow
  • Thrive in your life purpose
  • Fulfilling relationships (romantic, friends, family and work)
  • Embracing your Authentic Self

These thrive from the foundation of being connected to your Soul. Which is like a cosmic orgasm! Your birthright is to feel that whenever you want.

 Do you want to experience this more often?

Then join us in this 5 week intensive that gives you healing, Divine messages, and techniques about how to live much more from this Authentic Wholeness that is your essence. Investing in your Soul is what this is about. Living only from ego is probably costing you your genuine happiness, increased money flow, relationship ease, and maybe even your vibrant health, this is not Spirit’s will for you. You are meant to thrive, enjoy the adventure of your life, and experience your Divine Wholeness!

Unveil your power by enrolling in this program today and begin living the spectacular life your Soul desires!

 David Holt has been a healer since 1989, and channeling since 2002. At age 18, he miraculously survived a car accident that devastated him, by taking the life of his 3 year old cousin, Christian. His obsessive passion to live more from Soul carried him through years of severe trauma and self-destructive behaviors. He now helps clients feel and use the Love and Power of their Soul, to heal trauma, so that they can create the life they desire. For more on David visit: higherselfadventures.com

BONUS – Healing through the Soul – Recorded December 21, 2021.  Join Julia and David for a preview and Q & A during this FREE introductory session. Listen now.

Wholeness through Soul Power with Julia Stubbe and David Holt

5 week Intensive $122

Wholeness Through the Soul Intensive: (5) 60-Minute Sessions

This course is limited to 22 participants and are scheduled one week apart.

  • Sessions: 5 sessions spaced 1 week apart later this year. [get dates for next sessions by joining our wait list]
  • Length: All sessions are 60-minutes
  • Format: Online Zoom Meeting in the comfort of your own home.
  • Audio Recording: You will receive an MP3 file of each session via email. Replaying the recording over time is a powerful way to integrate the information and allow you to connect in and continue to work with the energies of the sessions.
  • Private Facebook group where you can connect with others in the group, share your experiences with like-minded beings.  Ask your questions here, as David and Julia answers and check in frequently.
NEw 2022 Course Schedule:

We will be running this program again later this year.

  • (We will keep you posted on new dates when you add your name to the wait list form below.)

Please put me on your wait list!

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Cancellation Policy

We understand that situations change and you may wish to cancel a session after you have purchased it. You must request a refund in writing by email to our support mailbox, they are not automatically generated. 

Wholeness Through Soul Power Refund Details

  • If you wish to discontinue your 5 session Wholeness Through Soul Power and have completed one session, 60% of the program cost will be deducted from your refund.
  • If you have completed two or more sessions of the 5 session Wholeness Through Soul Power, no refund will be provided.

Refunds are provided in accordance with our stated refund terms and are processed within 3 to 5 business days of your request.

Common sense disclaimer: If you have a medical condition, please seek proper professional medical treatment.

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