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Would you like to receive a FREE Multidimensional Transformation Mini-Session with Julia?

Every four to six weeks Julia will be offering an opportunity for 3 participants to receive a free 10-minute session with her.

Current Date and Time availability

  • Saturday, May 8, 2021 1:00 pm Eastern

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Participants need to be people Julia hasn’t worked with before.

Participants need to agree to appear and be available for the time selected and agree to be recorded via Zoom. The Zoom meeting will last approximately 45 minutes and we ask that you be available the entire length of the meeting.

For a personal transformation session, 3 Participants will be attending the Zoom meeting.  We will all log on at the appointed time, make introductions, then Julia will lead the three participants on a short, guided meditation to anchor the energies. At the closing of the meditation 2 participants will be “placed” in a holding room, till it is their turn. While the other participants are in the holding room, Julia will facilitate a transformation session for the individual whose turn it is. Once they are finished, Julia will call in the next participant.

Sessions will be recorded and will be posted on Facebook and on Julia’s YouTube Channel: Julia Stubbe – Galactic Channel.

Written feedback (testimonial) is appreciated but not required.

Thank you for participating.  Much Love to All

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You will be notified via email of eligibility of a free 10 minute multidimensional session.

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